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Gallery 1 - Friends

I'm hoping to be able to add pictures from time to time as I get new pictures of my friends scanned in, or developed on disc. And as I find out about web pages, I'll add those too. They say you can be known by the company you keep. So there you have it.

We work in the kitchen at Kanakuk-Kanakomo Kamps. This pic was taken my last year on staff. Sorry it's kinda fuzzy. It was one of my first attempts at scanning.

Kitchikomos. tree. Burke & Tae, showing off the fine art of wearing ties. Jonathan & Mr. Bunn. I think everyone needs a bunny for a friend. Check out the parable of "The Prodigal Bunn" Then you can read The Story Behind the Prodigal Bunn Brynn & Matt. I was in their wedding. They are one of those really cute couples. another pic of them. Amy & me. This picture of me and my friend Amy was taken in December, 1997 at the First EV Free IMPACT Class Christmas Party. Robby just graduated from seminary in Dec. '98. He's one of my many minister friends. Also one of my favorites. He can always manage to keep me amused. Mark, Me, and Patrick April 19, 1997

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