Our Arizona Trip

When Shelli, Peggy, Ruben and I road-tripped to Phoenix for Tae & Cindy's Wedding, we took the opportunity to visit other friends and do some sightseeing.

You should be able to click on the pics to see larger versions of them.

On the way to Phoenix, we stopped in Tombstone. I liked this scene from downtown because it had modern cars and the old wagon.

Here's Ruben with the tombstones of the Clanton gang.

The next day, we went to see Old Scottsdale. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous

Me, Shelli and Peggy in Old Scottsdale.

This is our friend Angie and her daughter Esther. We stayed with them during our trip

We liked the sculpture of the horses; and a pic in front of the statues is becoming a tradition when Peggy visits Angie, so Shelli did the honors.

After Old Scottsdale we stopped for lunch near the Arizona State University campus. We thought the rabbits were cool, so . . .

we just had to have a pic taken with them!

Peggy having fun with Esther.

The day after the wedding, Mark, Ruben, Shelli, DK, and I went to a Diamondbacks game. We were on the 3rd balcony at the stadium.

After the game, we took Paggy out for her birthday. Is that a dessert or what?

Here we all are. Right after this, Shelli, Peggy, Ruben and I started our road-trip back to Austin.

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