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Bailey's full name is Bailey's Irish Creme. He's a registered, pure-bred Tonkanese, born in September '98. Lucy is a pure-bred Peek-a-poo (that's half peekigneese, half poodle); and she was born July '99. Their human is my roommate Linda, which makes me Aunt Cindy, not to mention the disciplinarian. They like to play alot. Sometimes he wins, but most of the time she does.

Every once in a while Bailey will sit still long enough for a good pic to be taken.

And this is little miss Lucy. Isn't she just adorable?

Bailey's favorite toys are these glitzy pom-pom balls that have colored, icicle-like things coming out of it. He actually fetches quite well.

Lucy is quite the little begger. She'll dance for food; or if she just wants attention.

Here he is helping with the laundry, or doing what he thinks is helping.

He prefers drinking water out of a glass instead of a bowl. Go fig. He's a cat. That's Linda just watching him. (see why I have to be the disciplinarian?)

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