The Story behind the Prodigal Bunn

Jonathan and Brian shared a house during their last year of college with a few other guys. One of the ways the guys in the house, and some of their other friends amused themselves was to take Jonathan's stuffed bunny named Mr. Bunn; and put him in different situations. Jonathan would come home to find Mr. Bunn doing things such as sitting at his keyboard, composing music; or living out a fantasy as a secret agent... "Bunn...James Bunn". Sometimes they would bring others in on the latest bunny caper. He also appeared as Dr. Bunn when Jonathan went for his medical school interviews.

About a year after Jonathan graduated; Brian was visiting him where he was in medical school. And as a joke, Brian kidnapped Mr. Bunn; and helped him become "The Prodigal Bunn". Brian and Mr. Bunn had many adventures together; going different places; and meeting new people. Brian even arranged for Mr. Bunn to hitch a ride with Jeromy, another of the former roommates who was taking a trip to Europe. During this time; Jonathan realized that Mr. Bunn was gone; but wasn't exactly sure where he had gone.

Two and a half years passed. Jonathan had found out that it was Brian who was responsible for Mr. Bunn's disappearance; and quite insistently (and maybe once or twice even profanely) asked for the return of his bunny. During Mr. Bunn's absence, Brian and Jeromy adapted the Parable of the Prodigal Son from the Bible, and used it to tell the story of the bunny's adventures.

Jonathan went to visit Brian & Jeromy in order to attend the wedding of a mutual friend. During the reception afterward; Mr. Bunn was returned to Jonathan on a silver platter, along with an album containing the parable, and the pictures shown on the previous pages along with other pictures showing more of Mr. Bunn's adventures.

Many of their friends have heard the stories about Mr. Bunn; but have not seen the picures or heard Brian & Jeromy's parable. So... there you have it.

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