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First Evangelical Free Church

IMPACT Ministry


This is our annual fall retreat. The last few years we have been a Camp Buckner in the TX Hill Country.  These pics are from a couple of different years.  My camera died on the last one (2000 - Life Together) so I only got 2 pics.




This was an icebreaker from this last year (2000).




We were kept very entertained by our MC team!



Camp Buckner. 

This was taken behind the dining hall.



Gotta love watching the steam rise off the pond first thing in the morning.  It's a great spot for quiet times.




It's a great time to just hang out and get to know people.




Hey look!  It's Amy!  She's been to Breakthrough!



Sometimes it's hard to tell we're actually adults.  The crowd surfing definitely built community and trust though.



L to R:  Scott, Steve, & Doug.  This was a race to see who could eat a can of Vienna Sausages the fastest.  Scott won.



As Breakthrough continues, more pics will be added to this page, so check back occasionally

This page created March 13, 2001

by Cindy Ellis

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