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First Evangelical Free Church





Before construction began on our new site in south Austin, we went down to the site on a Saturday evening and had a cookout.  We also set up a big screen and showed a movie outside once it got dark enough. Thanks to Sheila for coordinating the event.  



May I take your ticket please....



Ruben and Charles as the grillmasters



After a while Ruben decided it was time to let Leece take over and move into a supervisory mode....



Sheila being social while Steve, Rachel, and Solar fix themselves something to eat



People brought blankets and lawn chairs and just found a spot on the ground to sit and talk while they ate



As it got dark, it was time to find a spot to watch the movie



Norton doing announcements during dinner.



Not only did we have popcorn (that's Dave & Ron)...



We also had Sno Cones (that's Rosa, Asuka, & Tisha)!





This page created March 13, 2001


by Cindy Ellis


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