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Reynosa, Mexico

Bethany & Josiah Children's Home

March 2001


Once a quarter, a group from First Evangelical Free Church in Austin, TX go to Reynosa to work at the Bethany & Josiah Children's Home.  On this trip there were 35 of us who went, mainly single adults from the IMPACT ministry, but with a few from other areas of the church, including a couple of families.


These are the dedication signs at the entrance to the orphanage, in both English and Spanish.  You can click on either pic to get a larger, readable version of the sign



Tim being goofy.

Scenes of the city taken from the roof of the building.


We did a lot of painting while we were there.   Clockwise from top:  Cat, Stacy, Lori, & Travis.  You can't tell from the pic, but Stacy was standing on the railing of the second floor landing in the stairway.

Chuck, Dave & Sandra on the Basketball court




We also helped in the kitchen while we were there.
Preparing meals, serving, cleaning up; you name it, we did it.



Stacy & Karen got into a cake fight.
Some say he started it, some say she did



We also made sure we had time to play with the kids.


Clara celebrated her birthday while we were there.
She's giving her mom a hug.





There was a birthday party that weekend,
complete with a pinata

During the day we had arts & crafts for the kids




Just having fun at the party


     We got to work on building great
     relationships with the kids


The courtyard was a busy place



There was plenty of time for just hanging out.    


Since we go down once a quarter, I'm sure there will be more pics and additional pages later on.

Check back frequently for new pics and updates.

This page created March 27, 2001

by Cindy Ellis

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