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IMPACT 4th of July Party

Time to celebrate the Red, White, and Blue...

We went to Webberville park for a cookout, played games, and then shot off fireworks at Tisha's parents house just outside of Webberville.  We had a lot of fun and found out that James is a pyromaniac!!!

Our resident pyro also ended up being our superstar grillmaster.

James being goofy

John at the grill

It's Sarah with a watergun! . . . actually, it's Sarah with MY watergun.

Sarah goes after Stacy with the gun.

Lourenda and Sarah ready to fire on unsuspecting targets.

One of the favorite events of the afternoon was playing volleyball.  You can see from these pics that it was a lot of fun.


I had some problems getting my pics on disk, so unfortunately, I didn't get any good shots of the fireworks.


This page revised October 8, 2001

by Cindy Ellis

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