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IMPACT is the singles ministry at FEFC in Austin, TX.  We have a variety of events thru the year: social events, classes, Bible studies, seminars, mission trips, service projects, and recreational trips.  Some events are IMPACT only, but we also do quite a bit church wide.  These are pics from some of the past events.  I'll have to admit some of the events are a couple of years old, but they still give an idea of the types of events we have.  Some newer pics can be found in my Yahoo! FEFC Album.  Note that not all of the pics are mine.  Some were taken by Lourenda.

You can jump to any of the following events:

Breakthrough 2001

July 4

Enchanted Rock

Dinner & a Movie

Women's Retreat

Christmas Party


Some of the other activities thru the year include costume parties, softball, picnics, bowling, road rallies, movie nights, caroling during the holidays, different miscellaneous parties... almost anything you could think of.



Jeromy, Patty, Brian & Tammy at a costume party as the characters from "The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe"


Kat & Derry do Andrew Lloyd Webber...


Softball is always a big hit with our group (no pun intended).  Cat had a good connection on that one.


And Peggy comes running in!


Monica takes a swing!


Tommy & Andy goofing around at Tommy's birthday party.


Here's a small group of us hanging out....



Shirley & Jenn. Shirley is opening a birthday present.



It's Andy & Sadie watching a game... Thanks to Lourenda for the pic.



Tommy picking on Tisha outside of Amy's Ice Cream...



Becky & Lourenda at Denny's



Shirley & Sheila at Dave-N-Buster's.  It was Sheila's B-day




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