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Breakthrough 2001

True Life

Is It Possible?

We headed back to the TX hill country and Camp Buckner again for our annual IMPACT retreat.  This year's theme was "True Life:  Is It Possible?".  Our Speaker was Dr. John Hannah from Dallas Theological Seminary.   It was a great weekend to just hang out and get to know other people better while getting to know God better.

Special thanks goes out to the retreat planning committee, those who coordinated snacks (Larkin), and registration (Liz), worship (Derrick & Chris), and all those who worked behind the scenes to make sure everything went OK. . . and to the small group leaders (mine were Jeremy and  Sarah, and they were really awesome!) who facilitated our small group discussions.

Welcome to Breakthrough!  

We're your MC's for the weekend - Stephanie Ahn, and Scott McCann.

They greeted us all at the gate when we got to the camp

Friday night...

R: Scott & Stephanie entertaining us during the opening session

L:  Getting to know Clint... "My favorite creative outlet is ballet"

Just gotta love that 'Bucket-'O-Questions'!

Saturday morning Scott and Stephanie got us awake and going with a cheer!

I think it's time for the perfect cheer...

We knew Stephanie was good from her previous performances with Retreat Power, but really, who knew Scott had this in him!

Saturday afternoon we had plenty of time to just hang out and play...

It's not enough for Lori to be goofy by herself. . . Clint has to help her. . . They just want to be like Scott & Stephanie!

Dan teaching Rita how to throw a football. . . and apparently he's a good teacher because she looks like she's got it down.




Cory serving the volleyball.

Shirley taking a walk

There was also time to hang out at the pool. . .

L to R:  Mike, Tisha, Kim, & Liz. . . Playing spades. . . If I remember right, Liz & Tisha kicked Mike & Kim's rears.


Saturday night got real fun. . . First the Cheers. . .

Top Left:  And now. . . Milli Vanilli . . . Dan announcing us.

Top Right:  Mike looking way too cool.

Bottom Left:  Back row left to right -  Mike, Jeremy, Scott, & Dan.  Front row left to right - Leslie, Julie, Cindy (yes, that's the back of my head with the red hair), Sarah, Kris

Bottom Right:  "Yes you know it's true, ooh ooh ooh". . . I don't know what's scarier, the fact that Jeremy & Scott lip synced so well, or that Jeremy actually got us to do a Milli Vanilli song...

Thanks to Lourenda for the pics on the left, and Kim for the pics on the right.





OK, so who's bright idea was it to give a microphone to Marat?  Gotta admit though, their cheer was really good

Then determining the winner. . .

Left:  Sarah Wayne - "You want me to do what?"

Right:  That was so much FUN!


There off and eating, but wait. . . Kurtis is peeking, that's not fair. . .RECOUNT!

Here, let me help you. . .

No hard feelings. . . Oh how sweet (Sorry, I missed the shot of the kiss!)

And presenting the Trophy


One of my favorite parts of Breakthrough was just hanging out with friends. . .  

Dan  & Me

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by Cindy Ellis

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