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I took this while hiking through the Andes in Spring of 1995, during my year of teaching at El Camino Academy in Bogotá, Colombia

Hi! So you found me. I live in Austin, TX and work at the Texas Primary Care OfficeDepartment of State Health Services. I originally moved to Austin to go to grad school at The University of Texas at Austin - Hook 'Em Horns! I love living in Austin, even though I am not a native Texan; I grew up in south central Kansas (Toto, we are NOT in Kansas anymore). In 1989, I graduated from Kansas State University - GO Cats! - the only school I love more than UT. During my summers between school, I worked at Kanakuk-Kanakomo Kamps, Inc. in Branson, MO. It was my home away from home for several years.

I am involved in my church here in Austin, The Fellowship at Scofield Farms, leading the Women's Ministry. In my spare time, I like reading, watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with friends and working on genealogy. I'll be adding new links and pictues; so check back from time to time to see if anything has changed.

Cindy's Links


Family History & Genealogy


These are pictures & pages that tell you something about parts of my life and who I am. There are a couple of cool scenery shots and pictures of my friends, too.

Places I Like

Some of these are real places, and some of them are virtual places. Some of them are places I've visited and a couple are places I would like to visit.

Family & Genealogy

I started working on my genealogy a couple years ago to find out if I was related to one of my friends. I still haven't proved it; but have found some new cousins along the way; and am starting to get a better idea of who I am and where I come from. It's also Addictive! Each of these pages has links to my other genealogy pages by surname. Some of them are still in Progress.

I really got started on the whole genealogy thing from talking with mom. She used to tell me all kinds of stories when I was young, mainly about our family. Sometimes I think I should have listened more than I did. We lost mom in April 2002, and I miss her a lot. I also miss my brother Danny who we lost in 2007.


I'm hoping to be able to update the pictures from time to time as I get new pictures of my friends either scanned in or processed on disk. And as I find out about web pages, I'll add those too; but can't promise to get all of them or to get them in a timely manner. I'm already having to do some backtracking on stuff.

I also have pictures on my Facebook page.

They say you can be known by the company you keep, so the pics and sites below say a lot about me and who I am.

  • Mom This is her Glamour Shots pic that I like the best. She passed away April 4, 2002. Yes, I still miss her.

  • My former roommate Joley released her second CD called "Mosaic" under the artist name of 'Je Renee'. You can hear clips and then buy either of her CD's from her at her CD BABY page at You can also get more information about where to hear her live, and how to book her for a performance through her Yahoo Groups site at

  • I met Jeromy Acton while at UT. He has a CD out called "Quorum". If his second CD isn't out now, it should be soon. You can hear clips and then buy one from his CD BABY page at

    These are some of the events from my former church

    • Israel Study Tour This was my dream trip of a lifetime. I never thought I'd get to do this trip, but God surprised me big time with it. It changed my life in ways I never thought.

    • Camping at Colorado Bend State Park Our Community Group went on an ovenight camping trip. It was cold bu quite fun.
    • Reynosa Mission Trip This trip was in March 2001.

    • Enchanted Rock Trip. This trip was several years ago, but I'm leaving it up because I like the pics.

    • Women's Retreat. This has been updated for the 2001 retreat and has a link to previous retreat(s).

  • Jill Westbrook. The foal is the progeny of Jill's pride and joy, D'Artagnan.

  • Jonathan & Mr. Bunn. Jonathan is one of my best friends and a pediatrician in Philadelphia. I have pics from his wedding in a Yahoo Album. I got to be a bridesmaid even though I didn't meet the bride until the rehearsal.

    For more about Mr. Bunn, check out the parable of "The Prodigal Bunn". You can also read The Story Behind the Prodigal Bunn.

  • John & Jennie I've been friends with them for years. This was at their wedding. It's one of the funniest wedding recption moments I've ever seen. Patrick was the best man, and Jennie's sister Joey was the maid of honor.

  • Scott McCann. This is his home page. He's one of my favorite Aggies - if you can actually have a favorite aggie, and has registered his name as a wesite... That URL will redirect you to his other site at the link I have above.

  • Lourenda She's one of my favorite partners in crime. I got to teach her the true use of post it notes... Thanks Lourenda for the pic! She now works for the US State Department in one of their overseas embassies.

  • Brynn & Matt I've been friends with for years, and was in their wedding.

  • Amy I've been friends with her for years. She's now a missionary overseas.

  • Rob Wood. He's one of my K-State friends. The word "eclectic" would good to describe him - or maybe just "random". We'll pop in and out of each others lives every couple of years or so. At least he makes life interesting.

  • The Arizona Trip is non-wedding related pics from when we went to Phoenix for Tae & Cindy's wedding. Ruben, Shelli, Peggy & I took a road trip for the event.

  • Bailey & Lucy are my previous roommate's pets. Bailey is the cat; Lucy is the puppy.

  • David came out of his shell and got creative a few years ago for Halloween which surprised a lot of us. I think he's not that thrilled that I keep this pic online for the world to see, but I enjoy it.

  • Kitchikomos. We work in the kitchen at Kanakuk - Kanakomo Kamps. This pic was taken my last year on staff. Sorry it's kinda fuzzy. It was one of my first attempts at scanning.

  • Burke's tree is outside of the LBJ Library on the UT campus. The pic was taken right before he graduated in '97.

  • Burke & Tae, showing off the fine art of wearing ties.

  • Robby is one of my many 'off-the-wall' friends. He's also one of my favorites - not many people will let me tell others we're twins just to confuse them. He can always manage to keep me amused. He married a beautiful woman named Stephanie, and they have 2 gorgeous children.

Mom & Me
circa 1970

Mark, Me, and Patrick
April 19, 1997

Jonathan & Me
March 11, 2000

Julie, Me & Lourenda,
September 5, 2002

Susan, Kristen & Me,
September 23, 2006

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